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World of tanks cartoon. New tank cartoon. Мультики про танки. Tank cartoon.

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: 06 Cartoons about tanks for kids online tell how a team of green tanks developed a secret plan to create an iron monster tank that can defeat all enemy tanks in a tank war.
0:12 Next, in the animation about tanks and the war in the world of tanks, green tanks brought the remains of their fallen friends to the hangar on the battlefield in this war.
0:15 Parts of the tanks were sent to a huge vat for melting down to then make a giant tank monster in an animation about battles and war in the world of tanks for kids online.
0:19 Tanks in the war cartoon and tanks are working very hard and throw coal into the furnace to melt the metal for the tank monster.
0:27 Tanks in an animation about a battle of tanks for kids online lit a fire and began melting hundreds of tanks to create a monster tank, the winner of all tanks on the battlefield.
0:41 Tanks in a cartoon about battles in the world of tanks overturned a boiler with steel, it cooled down and turned out to be a huge monster tank that can destroy all tanks in the world.
0:05 In this episode of the cartoon, you will learn about the main villain in the world of tanks. This is a bloodthirsty monster tank. Anyone who contradicts him is doomed to perish.
0:25 Suddenly, a monster tank is attacked by a steel tank. He came to take revenge on his general for sending him to the war.
0:31 Next in the animation about tanks, a real battle of two monsters begins. The steel tank feels that it will lose, but it does not give up.
1:11 The steel tank managed to chop off the monster tank's horn. The latter got very angry and went on the attack. It was the most brutal battle in the world of tanks. The steel tank was killed.
2:05 The cartoon about tanks tells that the tank monster decided to summon his friend from a parallel dimension. He felt that he was losing ground and needed help.
2:09 During this time, the monster tank was fighting a battle in another dimension. He was just about to destroy the last opponents and rushed to the attack.
2:48 Suddenly, a portal appeared on the way of the monster's tank. The tank drove into it and disappeared from the battlefield, leaving its opponents in confusion.
2:59 In the ending of the animation about tanks for children, the tank servant arrives at his master. He is unhappy with the fact that he could not end the battle with the enemy tanks.
3:16 Tank monster informs a newly arrived comrade of his insidious plan to enslave the world of tanks.
3:26 A series of cartoon about tanks ends with the servant agreeing to fulfill the will of the commander-in-chief of the tank. You will learn how this conspiracy will turn out in the next episode.
0:52 Tanks took huge hammers and forged three big cannons so that the monster tank could fire at as many enemy tanks as possible on the battlefield and tank battles for kids online.
0:58 In the cartoons about the war and battle of tanks, green tanks used welding to make powerful armor for the monster tank, the winner of this tank war.
0:10 In the previous episode of the cartoon about the battle of tanks between green and steel tanks, the greatest battle for Mars took place.
0:20 The defeated steel tanks received help from Earth and decided to re-enter the battlefield.
0:30 Further, in the animation about tanks in the green tank camp, we learned about a new enemy attack and decided to prepare well. First of all, the tank of the monster that led the green tanks to victory in the last episode of the cartoon about tanks fell asleep.
0:46 Steel tanks attack. There are thousands of them, so green tanks are sounding the alarm. It's time to unleash the ultimate winner in the world of tanks on the battlefield.
1:25 A giant monster tank is crushing its rivals. It seems that it is already known who will win the final of this cartoon about the battle of tanks.
3:10 The army of steel tanks is almost completely destroyed. The battlefield is littered with wrecked tanks. The green tank monster did not spare anyone.
3:31 In the meantime, the surviving steel tanks are returning to their camp. Not many tanks managed to escape in this fierce battle.
3:40 The commander-in-chief tank enters the battlefield and sees that the battle is lost. He receives information that the tank spy is to blame for everything.
3:45 In the finale of the animation about tanks for children, the general will have to make a difficult choice and figure out the traitor among the two remaining soldiers.
3:59 The general shoots at the traitor, but he does not die, but goes on the attack. He cuffs his comrade. How this most brutal war in the world of tanks will end, you will find out in the next episode of our cartoon.
1:04 At the end of the cartoon about tanks and animation about the war of tanks, green tanks attached huge wheels to a monster's tank and painted it green.
1:20 The tank monster was brought to life and now he is ready to take part in the war in the world of tanks and defeat everyone in this battle and

created by GERAND
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