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VW ID.4 - First look at the new electric VW

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I was given an amazing exclusive look at a pre-production Volkswagen at the VW Chattanooga factory in Tennessee, USA last week. This video covers what I saw and found while crawling around under the car, and under the 'hood', and concludes with answering some great questions that I received via my Instagram account from other enthusiasts.

I looked at the car as an nerdy enthusiast and from a 'tuning' / design view. I am not a car reviewer, so you'll have to look at the other videos if you'd like comparisons to other cars and electric vehicles specifically - I tried to stay on topic, but as you'll see, I couldn't help but review.

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Today's video is presented by SoloWerks Suspension, who are based in Fresno, California, and part of the KW Suspension family. You can find out more details and purchase their coilover kits here:

VW $100 pre-order :
VW Pro - as featured in this video - MSRP $39,995 (minus tax incentives)
VW 1st Edition - MSRP $43,995 (minus tax incentives)

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Volkswagen USA statement about the free unlimited charging for 3 years :

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Disclaimer and explanation :-)
I have existing sponsorship relationship with the Volkswagen. This access to the was by my request, and I was not paid nor given any key points to cover. I was at the factory for another project - not the (more info coming soon though, yay!). I got the okay less than 18 hours before this quick video was made, and was given the car and the keys - which I'm very grateful for. I hope you enjoy it. My enthusiasm and excitement and nerdiness is completely real and not for show - but you probably know this already!

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