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Valve Song: COUNT TO THREE ■ feat. Ellen McLain (the original GLaDOS), The Stupendium & Gabe Newell

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We’re back with the music video about a game studio that brought us a variety of classics, but never released any game with number 3 in its name — VALVE. The company behind Half-Life, Portal, Counter-Strike, Team Fortress, Left 4 Dead, DOTA 2 and much more.

ELLEN MCLAIN, the original voice of GLaDOS from “Portal” and “Portal 2”, agreed to sing the part of everyone's favourite mad robot.
THE STUPENDIUM, the amazing nerdcore artist who you know and love, performed the Gabe Newell’s part!
And finally, we got Valve’s CEO, GABE NEWELL himself, to record a couple of lines for the beginning and the end of the song!

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We are The Chalkeaters, the gaming music project based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. We make comedy songs and music videos about video games, gaming industry and related memes.


“Count to Three” by

Executive producer / songwriter:
Alios [ ]

Sound producer / lead arranger / engineer:
Masel [ hire: ]

Arranger / guitars / choir production:
Ergy [ ]

Lead artist / art director:
Pondis [ ]

Lead animator / video composer:
Lenich [ ]

Character animator:
Yumi the Cat [ , ]


Gabe Newell vocals: The Stupendium [ ]
GLaDOS vocals: Ellen McLain (original voice of GLaDOS)
Alyx vocals: Holly Turton

Supporting arranger / piano: Dmitry Kovzel
Drums: Matias Menarguez
Trumpet: Bruno Brito
Saxophones: Weber Marely
Trombone: Felipe Coelho
Supporting artists: Hunternif, Koldan Grey, Freskovich, QuietVictories

Choir: Hineko, Vasya, Martie, Chaos Angel, tooi_cat, Venix, Walter, Dmitry Litvinov, Tsumikashi, Lenich, Ergy, Dmitry Kovzel, Nikdoge, Felya, Jerico, Choki, Finch under cover, BertyDahlia, Victor Bird

Mastered by Stuart Hawkes at Metropolis Studios

Special thanks to:
Gabe Newell and Michael ‘Lewi’ Lewington for recording Gabe’s awesome cameo!
Erik Wolpaw for allowing us to use Valve’s characters for the video!
Jamie Lopez, Wendi Wills, Tom McGurk for helping us to get Ellen on board
Bill Van Buren for helping us with the GLaDOS voice
zhenya_hacker, Kizuru and Martie for being our favourite test subjects
Vasya, Nikita Dobrinskiy, Chaos Angel for great ideas and overall support

And thanks to J. Antonio for Spanish subs, Martie for Polish, colon_d for German, ジンsay for Japanese, Tangerine for Korean, Bacon jack for Chineese subs
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