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Twenty one Pilots | Code 19:- LOC-907-696-51SCP

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PASSWORD:- lvlcnrn

1. chrysalis
2. blurryface
3. indoctrination

1. LOC-491-555-09JKL (displayed on TV during hour 1)

2. LOC-896-159-07TLO Reddit Post / IG Page / Twitter Page

3. LOC-333-998-62JK! Posted on ARG Discord

4. LOC-914-639-00WR75.

5. LOC-099-564-17GWX (hidden in zoom photo)

6. LOC-888-481-90TO? (LoC music video captions)

7. LOC-674-133-11JCS (16 words photo)

8. LOC-369-197-33J!! ()Code 8 came from “” in USB7 The video contains this text: BAD-OLE-MIX-YURTS CL6-3!9-O31-!379J This is the code but scrambled up. “bad ole mix yurts” is an anagram of ambidextrously. If you swap the letters around (‘b’ in position 1 goes to position 3, so ‘c’ is the 3rd character, etc.) you get the code.

9. LOC-245-511-90VXZ
()Code 9 came from in USB8 This text: PV=356=622=0-BCX Take a look at your keyboard and move one letter left, this is how you get code 9 (; goes to L, P goes to O, etc.)

10. LOC-415-186-04LQL
( )Code 10 came from in USB9, which contains morse code . — -….- / -….- ….- .—- ….. -….- / -….- .—- —.. -…. -….- / -….- —– ….- . –.- . which directly translates to the code

11. LOC-913-883-74ZNB
Code 11 came from in USB10, which flashed a series of letters: S0572 LB641 FL133-TP34 TP93 TP11-PC24 PC21 TP11- L25 TP12 JB974 0TS476 TH481 S0 =Stressed Out LB= Lane Boy FL= Fairly Local TP=The pantaloon PC= Pet Cheetah L=LEvitate JB= Johnny Boy TH = THE HYPE OTS= Ode to Sleep

12. LOC-854-819-52?BI
Inside USB12 has which has a link to the website Enter in the password also included in the image, lvlcnrn

13. LOC-TW1-HYP-31!?R
PW: LVLCNRN / Keywords: chrysalis blurryface indoctrination

14. LOC-118-397-90VPI

15. LOC- 482-156-33!SU
In USB14, has a woman speaking digits individually. She says something at the end but we’re not sure what it says (sounds like “uni” or “unity”) 76 79 67 45 52 56 50 45 49 53 54 45 51 51 33 83 85 If you plug this into a decimal to ASCII converter you get code 15

16. LOC-522-325-61JAD

17. LOC-960-335-49CSY
Code 17 came from using a waveform analyzer on from USB16 and translating the symbols using the alphabet table

18. LOC-363-905-64NLA

19. LOC-907-696-51SCP
Code 19 was found by the title of in USB18 translates to “Hip Alfresco” which is an anagram of “Solfa Cipher” Using these setting ()

20. [TBD]
well done. the hive mind is very powerful. unfortunately, the last puzzle is the hardest. and leads to something special. you might want to keep the final code to yourself. please come back on at 12 pm est and begin the final journey. thank you for your participation. good luck. link
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