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Truly Epic DOOM Eternal Gameplay

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Hello Everyone! I thought I would upload something I thought was pretty funny on DOOM Eternal. In DOOM Eternal's Campaign, you can find secret locations and unlock cheat codes to help have fun in Mission Select on the Main Menu. I had already beaten the game and unlocked all of the cheat codes as well as the Unmaykr, and the "Quakecon Mode" cheat is the highlight of this small clip. Apparently doing something as simple as parkour will trigger the invisible audience in the background cheering you on, and the more you do stuff, the louder they cheer. So I just found a simple parkour spot and just kept doing it which kept triggering the effect/ I thought it was funny something as basic as this with an audience cheering you on was funny. If you guys would like to see a full DOOM and DOOM Eternal Let's Play, be sure to comment below and subscribe to stay tuned. Have a wonderful day and be safe everyone!-Sub

DOOM Eternal
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