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Trends and thematic investing: picking structural winners in a changing world

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Trends like digitalization are accelerating tremendously during the pandemic. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that tech companies – the key enablers of digitalization – are dominating the stock market. This proves, once again, that stock returns are highly skewed: winners are rare and losers are commonplace. In an ever-changing world, trends and themes can be instrumental in picking the former and avoiding the latter. But true trends and themes are more than storytelling and the next hot thing – they must be investible over the long term, and stock selection requires a different approach.
Seasoned trends investors Steef Bergakker and Sam Brasser outline how to identify an investible trend and their approach to stock selection. They discuss the main long-term opportunities in the market today, while also touching upon the themes covered in Robeco’s latest guide, The Big Book of Trends and Thematic Investing.

Webinar date: 15-10-2020
Prensenters: Steef Bergakker, Senior Portfolio Manager and Sam Brasser, Analyst
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