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Top 14 Best PPSSPP Games 'Which Runs At 60FPS' For Android

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Best PSP 60fps games high graphics which you can play on your android devices with ppsspp emulator By VinIsHere

*DOWNLOAD LINKS:- (For links/info & size of each game I mentioned in this list just visit my webpage below):-

My Discord come join in!! Have conversations with like minded people & get all latest info about new games first in there:-

Check my playlist for more PPSSPP games (over 100 tested games) :-

I actually tried little over 60+ games for this list, these 14 were the only one that runs on 60FPS not necessarily will perform same on every Android but if you're trying to find games without any lags these should be the first you should try.

Because of screen ratio I had to crop the right side which also cropped the part that shows but just to let you know I played all this games on skip buffer rendering mode (almost default settings) with no autoskip & none of these games had any graphics/sound issue or frame drop except pirates of caribbean (which had just a little fps drops) also spiderman web of shadows was showing black screen at first but after I load my previous saved data it worked fine (maybe issue with new ppsspp updates) & it runs little slow with graphics issue in buffer mode so if you have really low spec device I'll suggest to skip spiderman & try

How to play:-
1)Download the ppsspp emulator from playstore or
2)Get the games rom that you want
3)Extract it
4)Load that iso in your emulator and play.

Settings to play at it best from my experience (Device specs matters too) :-

First load the game as it is with usual default settings if any problems follow below

1)Black screen just sound:-
Try changing Rendering mode buffer to skip buffer or vice versa

2)Blurry visuals:-
a)Go down to performance and change rendering resolution to auto.
b)check or uncheck simulate block transfer effect as required which give good visuals.

a)If lagging try changing rendering mode to buffer to skip buffer or vice versa
b)Change to auto frame skip
c)Change framskipping from off to 1 or either 2
d)Make sure to check √ everything that make speed up

*Also try changing Backend from vulkan to OpenGL or vice versa for any above problems

Thanks for watching! Do check my other videos you'll find alot of games of you're type to play.

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