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TikTok Shut Down, New Updates To Google And More (Don't Miss This One)

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Let's dive in.

1. TikTok shut down in the USA. Microsoft Oracle Walmart couldn't close the deal in time. Find out what this means.

2. YouTube launches Shorts which are a competitor to TikTok from Google like Instagram did with Reels. I'll bet Twitter wishes they didn't shut down Vine it was before it's time.

3. Google combines Custom Intent and Affinity Audiences into Custom Audiences

4. Google now supports regional structured data

5. Google says they are working on privacy concerns

6. John Mueller says you will not have rankings like you used to after a manual action because your rankings were inflated

7. Google says don't buy domains with keywords stuffed

8. Google ads new health and safety options to Google My Business.

9. Big shift in Google search volume due to Covid, see what it is.

And 5 more

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