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The True Meaning of Rock Bison, Jimin & Jungkook Being Competitive (Run BTS Moments)

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What is the true meaning of Rock Bison? My theory on Rock Bison 9:41.
Jimin being so adorable when angry 1:00, Jungkook asserting his dominance 3:55, and
Jikook being Each Other's Rock Bison 13:37

Run BTS has blessed us with a lot of Jikook moments, mostly their competitive sides that sometimes clash with each other. Jikook have been known to both annoy and support each other a lot. Rock Bison to me therefore represents being each other's conflict and resolution. Being each other's strength and weakness at the same time. That's why Jikook are able to be so competitive with each other and still come back together.

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