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The ONLY Guardian Angel Guide you'll ever need | ALL MERCY JUMPS EXPLAINED - Ability Breakdown Guide

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Welcome to the recreation of my Guardian Angel Guide! This guide explains everything you need to know about Guardian Angel, and how to perform every Guardian Angel Tech in the game!
I'm still getting used to voiceovers so I'm sorry if I sound kinda dead at times haha
I spent a lot of time on this video trying to make it as best as I could possibly create it so I hope you enjoy!
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Introduction: 00:00
What is Guardian Angel/GA Facts: 1:18

Guardian Angel Settings: 1:35
Prefer Beam ON/OFF: 1:51
Toggle Guardian Angel ON/OFF: 2:59
Guardian Angel Sensitivity: 4:23
How to perform a Crouching Guardian Angel: 5:03

Guardian Angel Techs: 6:12
Slingshot: 6:30
Prop Bounces/Prop Jumps: 7:42
Bunnyhop - 8:28
Sling-Hop: 9:39
Groundless/Chain Superjump: 10:16
Sideways Slingshot/Sideways Guardian Angel: 10:53
Reverse/Backwards Guardian Angel: 11:51
Ghost Guardian Angel/ Example Spots: 12:59

Crouching Guardian Angel Techs: 14:33
Superjump/Half Superjump + Cooldown Tips: 14:42
Extended Slingshot: 16:30
Reverse/Backwards Superjump: 17:09

Valkyrie Techs: 18:04
Guardian Angel Reset: 18:07
Valkyrie Superjump: 18:42
Valkyrie Reverse/Backwards Guardian Angel: 19:20
Ending/Important notes: 20:14

- All Music by Ikson
- Thumbnail created by Mashiiiko! (Mashiiiko's Twitter - )
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