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The Hover Theme Song | Song A Day #2097

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Seriously, I get every domain I use from Hover:

What I love about Hover
Is that it's so simple
To get just what you need
The right domain
In a couple of clicks
And the whole process is clean
And easy
A child could do it on their own
Hover's support is just amazing too
You call and they just pick up the phone

I don't want to spend all day
Worrying about
Managing my domain
So I use Hover
I use Hover
When I'm concentrating on my song
I don't want my DNS to go wrong
So I use Hover
I use Hover

Most registrars
Are like they're selling used cars
Sleezy right from the start
But where Hover's at
Is the opposite of that
It's a registrar with heart

You got domains somewhere else
It can be hard to get them out
Hover will move them over for free
And get you settled in your account

They got all of the TLDs
I can always find what I need
That's why I use Hover

I know it may sound insane
But I own 23 domains
Got them all at Hover
Yeah at hover

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