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(Soup's Bored Quarantine) Doom 2 feat. DIO and Deltarune Characters (Part 1)

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It's Me Veronica () for creating the Ralsei (and Susie) Mod (as shown here: )
Skelegant for creating the DIO Doom Mod (as shown here: )

DIO has died, his soul gone to the deepest depths of Hell, until Hell on Earth arrived, allowing the sneaky vampire to escape Hell's grasp. Not feeling like being premium-grade demon chow, however, he decided to take out the demons, because nobody but DIO is allowed to reign supreme! But much to his chagrin, he now has two tag alongs: a Monster and a Darkner. Either because they're unaware of DIO's brutality or because they face a common enemy, the two joins the vampire in his journey to take out the demonic forces of Earth.

This is unlikely to be a frequent series, even with the Part 1 moniker, primarily because my computer is a bit of a potato. I'm hoping to eventually upgrade (primarily so I can do quality gaming videos in general).

If you enjoyed the video, feel free to like, subscribe, comment, share, what-have-you (even dislikes are good responses). If you wanna hear my voice in other videos, feel free to express that. If you prefer me to be silent, that's absolutely fine, as well. Either way's good for me!
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