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Sorry daddy, I'm TikToker! Cute & funny dachshund dog video!

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Following trends is just as foolishly as not following This is words of my favorite actor Jason Statham (if internet doesn’t lie)! And you know, in the case of TikTok (a social network of short videos), he is absolutely right!
If you use Tik Tok, shooting a video for it, then you immediately fall for an old-fashioned people who still read paper books (like my daddy). They say that it makes no sense, that it dulls you, and so on and so
And if you do not use Tik Tok, then you are simply getting behind of life! You don't know new trends and interests of young people! And one day you're consigned to What a difficult choice!
I hope you enhoy my cute & funny dachshund dog video!
Thanks to my buddy @Crusoe the Dachshund and his dad Ryan for permission to use a part of their video!
Thank you to my Top Patron Matej Duda and all my other Patrons too!
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