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Report: Availability & Supply of NVIDIA RTX 3080 Video Cards

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We talked to contacts in the industry to get more insight to the availability and supply of NVIDIA RTX 3080 GPUs, but we're also spending a few minutes talking about responsible consumerism.
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This video involves a lot of digging and time spent talking to people all over the PC hardware industry, because major GPU launches affect everyone. In the very least, even case makers see increased sales because more total systems are being built. At most, system integrators, OEMs, and board partners are all slammed, and water block or cooling suppliers also have additional challenges to work around with product launches. NVIDIA is particularly secretive with its partners, which leads to a problem where its supporting allies can't get products ready enough for launch day. This is odd, since they're on the same team, but NVIDIA has become overly paranoid about leaks to the extent that it may be harming itself in some instances. Even still, ultimately, this launch saw unprecedented demand. Inventory was similar to the RTX 20 launch, but the demand has been astronomically high for PC parts since March of this year, and that hasn't slowed down; further still, bolstering this, the product was relatively highly hyped from months of leaks, and it also performed objectively well overall. These all combine to lead to angry customers, evidently, and that's something we're talking about today.

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RTX 3080 FE Tear-Down:

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00:00 - Card Availability
01:28 - A Lot of Factors Compounding for Availability
02:12 - Steve's Life Flashes Before His Eyes
02:32 - Record Sales Volume All Year Long
03:16 - Consumerism, Unhealthy Hype, & Marketing
05:05 - The Product is Good - But Not *That* Good
07:05 - The Future is Bots for Tech Products
08:17 - Board Partners Didn't Have Enough Time
08:51 - Ghost of Joe Returns
09:00 - This Has Happened with AMD & Intel Recently Too
11:50 - NVIDIA Statements on Supply
14:20 - Highest Interest GPU Launch Ever
15:32 - Sales Volume, Actual Inventory, & Leaks to GN
20:32 - 20 Series Should Have Sold Worse, But Lockdowns Hit
21:55 - When RTX 3080 Will Be Restocking
27:35 - Water Block Makers Left in the Cold
29:30 - Conclusions on Timelines

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Host, Reporting: Steve Burke
Video: Keegan Gallick
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