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Pororo English Episodes l Eddy's Riddle Game l S5 EP5 l Learn Good Habits for Kids

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A fun adventure story of the forest village where Pororo and friends live. New friends show up in the village and many exciting things happen in the forest. Mischievous boys Pororo and Crong, dollish Loopy, naughty Patty, brainy Eddie, strong Roddie, good Poby, chatterbox Harry, wizard Tong tong, and a red car Tu-tu live in a snowy Porong Porong Village. Every one of themselves has different characteristics. They look different and want to do different activities. By disporting themselves, they learn about their own merits and faults and how to considerate of others.

????Welcome to Pororo Dino World, where you can meet the best and awesome dinosaurs!

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????Who wants to go to space with Pororo??! "Pororo's Exciting Space Adventure" is here for you!!

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✏️Let's learn color, number, weather with Pororo! Pororo Chant!

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