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"Perfect" REWRITE: The girls perspective

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Hi guys i knew I said I wasnt gonna post a song today but I truly cant stay away :) ily I hope you enjoy my rewrite/girls perspective on "Perfect" By Ed Sheeran! :)
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I found a love for me
wish that I wasnt so scared to finally leap
into your arms, so quietly
I always knew you were the person I needed you to be
Cause we were just kids wish I knew back then when you would hold my hand
I shouldve opened up my eyes
Shouldve read all the signs, never would say goodbye
Wish that I couldve read your mind
Baby Im retracing all my steps & the shit I shouldve said
I wish I never left, cause you were always my favorite song
if i knew just how you felt, you know that I wouldnt be so terribly nervous
wouldve kissed you on purpose tonight.
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