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Payload 2.0 Creator Tournament - PUBG MOBILE's MOST EXPLOSIVE Game Mode!

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Sixteen (16) of your favorite PUBG MOBILE content creators squad up, and face off in an explosive Payload tournament. Which squad will fire the most accurate RPG's & missiles and take home the 50,000 UC prize? We'll also be crowning our champions of this last week's #PayloadHotshot screenshot competition!

Follow PUBG MOBILE on Twitter to see who wins the staff picks:

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Hosted By: @Powerbang Gaming
Squad 1: @Rollexxx @ZooTay @Her Gaming @WE PLAY GAMES NETWORK
Squad 2: @Wynnsanity @Dab Plays @Wicked Gaming @CLERICDRAGOON GAMING
Squad 3: @Medalcore @MrxFlip LIVE @CoffeexGaming @Bella Fox Gaming
Squad 4: @LuPower @MattsinLife @AlucardV2 @Dextroger

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