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Newly opened "The Dragon's Lair" Gym in Las Vegas Tour with Flex Lewis

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Milos Sarcev and Hidetada Yamagishi (with their training partner Cody Pierce) went to Dragon Lair's Gym on Monday, March 8th - the first-day Flex Lewis informed us that Gym is Officially open.

Many people nowadays don't know the details, but Milos is the first one to invite Flex, back in 2005 to come to California, stay in his house, train in his Koloseum Gym, and signed him up to endorse his Supplement Line "Koloseum Nutritional Sciences" (KNS).

The progress that Flex made in a little bit more than a year was mindboggling and numerous British athletes at the time made remarks such as: Flex went to California as a boy and returned within a year as a man.

Everyone who knows anything about bodybuilding could see the endless potential, that has by now materialized with Flex winning 7 consecutive Mr Olympia titles (Under 212 lbs) and this year he is moving up in Open Bodybuilding class trying to contest for Open Mr Olympia title.

With a great support team around him, wife Ali, Coach Neil Hill, newly opened Gym that will without a doubt become New Mecca, numerous sponsors and millions of fans - keep eye on this Welsh Dragon to bring the title the Dragon Lair.

The Dragon's Lair
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