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Treyarch has provided first details on the next-generation support of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War on their blog. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will be a launch title for the PS5, when the console launches later this year. The studio has confirmed that Black Ops Cold War support the new PS5 specific features including 3D audio and haptic feedback on the DualSense controller. In addition, the game will support 120Hz on next-generation console (Xbox Series X, S, and PS5) and PC for reduced latency and more with ray-tracing. The audio system is called the “Threat Priority Audio System”: We’ve also incorporated a new Threat Priority audio system that dynamically assigns higher priorities to direct threats during a firefight, so you always hear what you need to be successful. Shots are louder and sound different when an enemy is firing toward you; directional footsteps help determine the proximity and position of your enemies above, below, and around; directional bullet cracks and bullet impacts let you know where the highest threats are located; and improved occlusion provides more detail about the direction and distance of events all around you. On top of all this, next-generation hardware supports awesome 3D audio features, like HRTF on the PlayStation®5. In the heat of a Multiplayer shootout, these new audio systems more clearly communicate where the danger is coming from at all times. In a game where sound can sometimes mean all the difference between victory and defeat, players will have every bit of information they need to win based on their awareness, map knowledge, and talent. On next-gen consoles, players can expect 120Hz support for reduced input latency and a smoother gameplay experience, and hardware-based raytracing will be possible on next-gen, along with DirectX raytracing on PC for more realistic lighting and shadow effects. And on the PlayStation 5, haptic feedback and HRTF 3D audio will provide the most tactile combat experience yet in a Black Ops game.

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