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Naruto’s Family Reacts to Naruto // My AU // Part 2; Jinchuuriki

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Hey there! Part 2 is finally here!!
Many of you requested it, sorry I kept y’all waiting.
This took a while to make, export and upload :’j
KineMaster was lagging a lot past the halfway mark
Thank you for 3k+ subs and 100k+ views on my first video, I was really surprised.
I never expected it to catch this much attention.
I’m really grateful for the support, though!! ❤️
Part 1;
Instagram; @_fifteenthdimension
Sorry I didn’t add most of your suggestions
I already had a set topic for this, but they might come on future videos
If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and consider subscribing to my channel ^^
Have a wonderful day or night everyone!
Finn Out!????
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