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[MUSIC] 'Valentino' (Angel + Vox Cover Ver.)

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A full cover version of 'Valentino' in character as Angel Dust and Vox, featuring originally created backing instrumentation and sound design. A big thanks to
Danielle Bradford for bringing this song to my attention and inspiring me to do this one.

The original song almost feels like an anachronism to a scary degree. Originally released in February 2019 by Years & Years and MNEK, more than half a year earlier than the Hazbin pilot, it's a song with two male vocalists speaking about a lover called Valentino who lured them in with charm and trapped them. It's scarily accurate to the show and I knew I had to do it with Angel and Vox once I heard it myself. Especially since it allowed me to imagine/write a scene of them sharing their experiences regarding their 'associate'.

Vox was probably the trickiest part of all this. Obviously, I didn't want to remove the distortion effects I've used for him when he is singing, but too many of them would easily be distracting from the performance and even cloud his words. I decided to focus on very specific "skipping" effects that matched the music, along with using a rather extensive vocoder to really sell the electric nature of his voice.

This song was also a prime chance to utilise some new instrument libraries I recently acquired, particularly with acoustic guitars and string sections. I don't think this would sound nearly as good without them. Enjoy.

(Note: Make sure to support the song without the intro/outro sound design and voice acting on my SoundCloud page: )

All music, sound design and voices by myself (PARANOiD DJ)

Original version of 'Valentino' by Years & Years, MNEK

Made in FL Studio 20.

Hazbin Hotel and all its characters belong to Vivziepop and Spindle Horse Toons.

Opening sound design scene contains a portion of 'Black Is Black (Untidy Dub)' by Allnighters.
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