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MUDDY Rock Bouncer Trail Riding with the Bacons - TRR27

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On this episode of Trail Ride Revolution we are heading to Piney Grove Off Road in Kentucky to go Muddy Rock Bouncer Trail Riding with the Bacons. I've been riding with Tim Bacon Racing a ton before everyone got so into rock racing. Well since all rock bouncers 2020 races are postponed for the foreseeable future we are out riding instead getting back to how this all started. Piney Grove is a small 50 acre off road park owned by Mark Mathis another well known Kentucky Rock Bouncer. He invited us all up for the day to do some rock bouncing on this small but impressive piece of property. Big Tim Bacon rock bouncer legend himself led the way with his son, Sparky, Toolman, and a few others. This was a real treat since you don't see rock bouncers trail bouncing much anymore. We always liked seeing Big Block powered rock bouncing buggies tear it up off road and today we are delivering just that. It was looking like a normal ride until we found this muddy rock bouncer hill climb bounty hill and the crew wasted no time seeing who could conquer it. Sadly Bubba Bacon and his rock racing buggy called Bad Habits didn't make it but we hope to see him at the next one. In the end we had a great time hill climbing with the Bacon's at a new park while doing our part to make trail riding great again. Hopefully we will have a Busted Knuckle Offroad buggy built soon for us so we can get out there and rock bounce with too.

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