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MF DOOM, Your Favorite Rappers Favorite Rapper

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Every rapper who takes their craft seriously have heard of DOOM, many of which tend to be fans of the villain. Some have even mentioned DOOM in interviews, social media, or on a track. This is an account of as many of the ones I know and have found through the process of creating this video.

I was inspired to make this video when I saw a 'journalist make the claim that Freddie Gibbs is more influential than MF. Now, I like Gibbs! & you may argue Gibbs is a better rapper than DOOM but to claim that he has influenced the culture more than MF DOOM has is a flat out lie. Immediately when I read the article I thought to myself of all the different references rappers have made in regards to DOOM. And decided to make this video. Because I know for a fact that MF DOOM is your favorite rappers favorite rapper.

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