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METAL MASQ BUNDLE in Fortnite | Combos With 3 Edit Styles! Before You Buy (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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Today 2/5/2020 we got the new Metal Masq bundle in Fortnite! Metal Mouth and Zadie come with challenges to unlock their additional edit styles, Arctic and jungle! I included how to easily complete these challenges thanks to ITF. I also included gameplay of all 3 edit styles for both skins and combos for all 3 styles on both skins! We also got new dual tools called SPiked Mace, also coming with 3 edit styles, gameplay and sound test included, enjoy the before you buy on the Metal Masq Bundle!

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PIZO is mainly a Fortnite YouTuber who focuses on reviewing every new skin and any new cosmetic that comes out in the Fortnite Item Shop. PIZO made "Before You Buy" videos popular in Fortnite. He shows you gameplay, sound tests and visuals of new items in game and also creates combos with new items. This channel is your stop for Fortnite cosmetics, enjoy!
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