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ఆచార్య సినిమాలో లాహే పాటకి అద్భుత వ్యాఖ్యానం |Meaning of Acharya Movie Laahe song | Nanduri Srinivas

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Over the weekend we (Rishi & Admin team) contacted Nanduri garu for our regular Veda Paatham. During that we raised a question about Mathangi devi (wrt a song that we heard) and Nanduri garu asked the whereabouts of the lyrics. When we handed over the Lyrics he instantly gave excellent interpretation. We wanted to share it with Channel family, so we requested Nanduri garu to repeat the same in front of Camera & we recorded it immediately.

Generally Nanduri garu doesnt talk about movie items in this channel but here is an exception for the first time, as these lyrics moved him so much. He said that this is poetry is a good way for getting into Meditation

Here is the song Laahe Laahe from Acharya

-Uploaded by: Rishi Kumar, Channel Admin
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