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Manifest MONEY Now ???? 639 Hz Abundance of Love & Wealth????????‍♂️Miracle Manifestation Meditation

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????????‍♂️ Manifest MONEY Now
꩜ 639 Hz Abundance of Love & Wealth
❖ 432 Hz Miracle Manifestation Meditation Music
❯❯❯ No Headphones Required/ Optional
???? About This Music
It contains a powerful formula combination,
selected by me with great results,
(be aware that results may vary for each one fo us).

⦿ 10000 Hz⎢Rife Frequency⎢Full Restore⎢Cure-All
⦿ 963 Hz⎢Earth Solfeggio⎢Pineal Gland Activation⎢Oneness
⦿ 45 Hz⎢Gamma Range⎢7th Earth Schumann Resonance
⦿ 15 Hz⎢Alpha Range⎢Crown Chakra⎢Pineal Gland Stimulation

This set is specifically combined as one formula, to be able to tap into our most powerful Psychic Energy Center Point known as Pineal Gland.
It is also the Highest Chakra within the known 7 Chakras and it allows oneself to connect to pure consciousness itself and beyond the physical and mental, To the Soul Awareness.

10000 Hz was found by Rife and it is known to clear, detox, Heal every single cell in the human body, and therefore enhancing the pineal gland as a healer and detox.

639 Hz is known as the Earth Solfeggio frequency Scale of Love, Connection to the Unconditional Love and Relationships with every living organism and existence we are aware of. Money is just a tool, its a currency made of physical energy, used to exchange matter and there is a great abundance of it.
Just Know and become aware that it has no attachment of bad energy or good energy to money, as it is just a tool of exchange, so once you know within you, you can then move to manifest it with the aid of this sound frequency.

Meditate towards your connection to the abundance of love and wealth,
imagine that you are one with the great abundance that surrounds you,
full of unconditional love,
while breathing into the present moment,
let your observation take place,
and embrace your Soul,
as one unconditional oneness of pure light love source,
during your meditation session or mindfulness moment.
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