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Making the World's Hardest Mobile Game

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Can I make the world's hardest mobile game in just 24 hours?

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When I first started working on my soft body physics game, Stick With It, I was intending for it to be on mobile (which is why it has such simple one touch controls). Now I finally get around to finishing what I started, but to make it interesting, I only get 24 hours to do it.

I added some "cool" new features to the mobile version, like an easier difficulty mode called hard mode, particles, and checkpoints. The real effort, though, went into optimizing the beep out of the game, which is absolutely no fun.

Because you have to "secure the bag" as they say, I needed to come up with a monetization strategy. Instead of having ads in the game that pop up when you die, I instead created an undo last move feature, which you can use by watching an incentivized ad. Now players will actually want to watch ads, how neat.

I actually somehow completed the 24 hour sort of, if you ignore the bug fixing and publishing stuff. Publishing took another day, mainly because you need a mac to publish to the iOS app store, and the mac I have is like really old and excruciatingly slow. But surprisingly, both the iOS and android version of the app got approved very quickly.

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