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Macro Themes and Trends (Steve Strazza) - Investing Wizards Ep 7

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Steve Strazza is a technical analyst at the research firm All-Star Charts covering US Equities. He talks about his journey from being a CPA accountant analyzing financial statements to his current role of helping investors find compelling macro themes and stock ideas with a technical framework. We talk about:

Fundamental investing vs. technical analysis (0:00 - 9:22)
All-Star Charts process for finding investment ideas (9:23 - 16:40)

Using Koyfin, we discuss:
Morningstar ($MORN) breaking out from big base (16:40 - 19:45)
US Dollar weakness impact on assets (19:45 - 33:45)
No good shorting opportunities (33:46 - 41:45)
Silver and Gold (41:45 - 47:15)
Bonds rally and flat yield curve (47:15 - 54:30)
Favorite movie: Mean Streets (54:30 - 57:51)


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