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Learn Charts and Identifying Stock Market Trends #Learn2Trade Session 2

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Learn to Trade with me, Vivek Bajaj. This video is for all the beginners who want to start out in the share market as a trader. I will guide a beginner on how to use charts in identifying the stock market trends.

The foremost trait of a successful trader is to understand and be comfortable with the charts. In this video, I will explain how a trading template should look like along with the different charts like line charts, candlesticks, bar, and some advanced charts used for trading.

We will understand the various market trends and identifying these trends using charts. To become a successful trader, one needs to know how to identify stocks with favourable risk and rewards. Watch the entire video for a free and detailed beginner's guide to technical analysis.

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0:00 Introduction
2:19 Impact Cost
3:36 Trading template
6:26 Understanding candlestick
9:33 Identifying bullish trend
10:38 Identifying bearish trend
12:22 Identifying breakout
15:30 Identifying correction
17:13 Parallel channel
17:41 Identifying the range
17:57 Support & Resistance
18:38 Demand Zone & Supply Zone
19:42 Identifying the demand & supply zone
22:31 Evaluate risk & rewards
25:57 Wrap up
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