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Kitten Rescue: Dr. Lindsay Catches The Last Lonely Kitten : Family Reunited!

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She did it! Dr. Lindsay and I have been trying to catch a mess of wild kittens and the mother that were nesting under a porch in a nearby retirement community. We caught all but one kitten and were very worried because it was the smallest of the litter. We have been searching for it day and night and it was nowhere to be found. It was soooo smol. It took a couple of days, but it finally went into the trap. Dr. Lindsay has already spayed the mother and we will now start the taming process with the kittens so that we can get them adopted after she neuters them as well. The fun begins! The mother will be released soon. This is part two of the video series.

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Kitten Rescue: Dr. Lindsay Catches The Last Lonely Kitten Family Reunited!

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