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J.O.S.H Gameplay (Android, iOS)

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Gameplay (Android, iOS)
- India's Very Own Indie FPS Multiplayer is now available on Android and ios, you can download through Google Playstore and iOS through Appstore.

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Android ►►

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▬▬▬ Description ▬▬▬

Welcome to the family of EV Studios. We have brought together a new kind of adventure. A fast paced Made In India combat battle. You are stuck in Guanaco Desert that shows no mercy and the only key to survive is by dominating others. Team up with your friends, make a strategy and emerge victorious. Make your own clan and level up!

You can also choose to play in Warehouse. A map consisting of upto 5 hidden gun locations, multiple stealth covers and packed with everything you need to perform at your very best!

There are Three Modes of Gameplay -
- Team Death match
- Free for All
- Capture the Flag

Choose from an arsenal of weapons: sniper, assault rifle, pistol, grenade launcher and more. There is nothing stopping you.
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