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Is the DOOM Eternal DLC Worth Playing? - Ancient Gods Part 1 Review

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It has been a insane 6 months of hype but the first major piece of DOOM Eternal DLC is here, but is Ancient Gods Part 1 worth the price? Lets talk about that!

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The Ancient Gods, Part One is the first single-player downloadable content expansion for Doom Eternal, and was previously available as a pre-order item to purchasers of the Year One Pass. While some details appeared on the Steam store page for the season pass previously, the expansion was officially announced by Bethesda during the QuakeCon at Home stream on Twitch on August 7, 2020, with release of a teaser trailer. A full reveal was then scheduled to follow during the GamesCom Opening Night Live event on August 27. As of the full reveal, it is scheduled for release on October 20, 2020. In this video DreamcastGuy reviews the DOOM Eternal DLC Part 1 of Ancient Gods while showing gameplay on a PS4 Pro. The blood Maykr, a corrupted Maykr angel wearing red armor and possessing demonic horns, able to fly and attack with its staff. It can charge up its energy in a cruciform display, enabling strong armor which protects its otherwise vulnerable head. Unlike normal Maykr angels, their faces are exposed.
The spirit, a ghostly variant of the summoner from Doom (2016). It can possess other demons, preventing their weak points (if any) from being broken and protecting them from faltering; possessed demons also gain significant resistance to damage from the ballista. To defeat the spirit, the host must be killed and then the spirit itself must be eliminated via use of the plasma rifle's microwave beam mod before it can find a new host.
Turrets similar to the eyes of Kalibas and those previously found near the top of the Nekravo
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