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Industrial Design Trends 2020 (How to Design Trendy Products)

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In this video I give you an overview of the trends product designers are using in 2020 for form, details and finish. I also show you how to incorporate the trends into products of your own. In this video I use the examples of a lamp, a speaker and a wireless phone charger.

Love them or hate them, trends are out there and a lot of designers are using them in their work. Trends can be an easy way to make your products look modern and connect with consumers.

Hope you enjoy the video! If you think I missed any trends, let me know in the comments below!

Find all the great designs in the video here! Thanks to all the designers and studios for allowing me to show their work! (Note: all images shown with permission of creators & designers)

Soft Forms:
TV Box for Swisscom by Noto
Electric toothbrush for MINISO by found/Founded
Linkface Dear & Rumba II for Mimos by Bebop @bebopdesigners
Thermo by Barney Mason @

Small Base:
Lantern Humidifier by Jui Shi
Extrusion Shaver by James Melia & Blond  
Mannatech Elixir by Bebop @bebopdesigners
MOJU by Andrea Ponti

Hard Box:
Node One for DADI by James Melia & Blond    
Play 1 and Sticky Stick by Yeongkyu Yoo & cloudandco
O! RADIO by found/Founded
Sound Piece by found/Founded

Pill Shape:
Capsule Flashlight by Sushant Vohra @sushantvohra
Aperature by James Melia & Blond  
Peep & HealthE by Roshan Hakkim @roshanhakkim

Half Circle Handle:
Mac Pro by Apple (Photos by Andrew O'Hara for AppleInsider)
Matteo Air Purify by Marius Kindler, Viggo Blomqvist & Anna Hing
Air Cage by Fountain Studio & Su Yeon Lee @studio_fountain

Accent Surface:
Ceramic Cutter for Slice by Scot Herbst
mira by Jonny Tran @jonny_tran
Air Cage by Fountain Studio & Su Yeon Lee @studio_fountain
Parkey by Nacho Castillo @

The Shield:
Steam Manager by  @songzi_design
Beolab 50 for Bang & Olufsen by Noto
Stubby Pencil Sharpener by Sejoon Kim @jygote
Wally by FILD 
Foggy Mirror by found/Founded

Line Texture:
IOT Product Design Identity Development by Design Studio. BOUD
Nestle Purina Lead by Sam Weise
Air Cage by Fountain Studio & Su Yeon Lee @studio_fountain
Skyboxe by Bebop @bebopdesigners

Vertically under construction by Sushant Vohra @sushantvohra
Pair by Jongha Lee and Scott Yeom
Borrn Feeding Bottle by James Melia & Blond
Heat by Young June Kim & Fountain Studio @studio_fountain
SOAP by Design Studio. BOUD
Thino Charger by Soohun Jung, Rich Park, Jongha Lee and Bebop
Purio by Hyeseung Nam & Fountain Studio @studio_fountain
Air Cage by Fountain Studio & Su Yeon Lee @studio_fountain

BLT_2 & BLT_4 by FILD 
Graph Chrono by Jongha Lee
Face Mask by Roshan Hakkim @roshanhakkim

Black and Chromish:
Torch & HealthE by Roshan Hakkim @roshanhakkim
MOJU by Andrea Ponti
Xenex Vortex by Bebop @bebopdesigners

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