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The Angel of Yahuah (The Angel of the Lord) has, currently does, and will continue to play a significant role within the scriptures and future prophecy. This ‘angel’ interacted with Hager, called out to Avraham from heaven – stopping him from sacrificing Yitschaq (Isaac), spoke to Moshe in the burning bush, withstood Balaam, led Gideon, appeared to Eliyahu (Elijah), interacted with King David, smote the 185,000 Assyrians in one night, and many more profound appearances. Some might say he’s Michael, or one of the other Archangels, alongside many other theories, yet today it’s time we found out, and I’d like to share a few points to consider. The evidence at hand and who it points to may pleasantly surprise you.

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Praise be to Yahuah through his son Yahusha.
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