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Here's Why DOOM Eternal Is A Masterpiece

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so, why exactly is DOOM Eternal a Masterpiece? Here's Why. DOOM is very good at not being bad. essentially, all it really does it let you shoot stuff, but it does it all so well that its hard not to notice how well it's all done. And that in it of itself, is pretty mind blowing. speaking of mind-blowing, I put a game reviewer/journalist vs the marauder meme in the beginning of this. It's pretty darn good. I also touch on Doom eternal's platforming, which is pretty controversial; aswell as it's art style, which I think is Better than doom 2016's. doom 2016 is great and I love it, but I mention I prefer the idea of that game, rather than my actual experience with it.

DOOM Eternal Soundtrack video -

Industrial track #1 -
Industrial track #2 -
industrial track #3 (which has a provider who I forgot to mention in the credits of the video, sorry about that) -
MGS 3 Seabreeze -
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