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Healing Sleep With Angels | Delta Waves Music For Healing | Angel Healing Miracles While You Sleep

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Healing Sleep With Angels. Enjoy delta waves music for healing sleep while you experience angel healing miracles while you sleep. Embedded with deep delta waves for a healing sleep with angels????????

???? TRACK NAME: Angelic Revelation
This healing sleep music is tuned to the 528Hz frequency, also called the "Miracle" tone. It is also associated as the "DNA repair" frequency, as it has the potential to heal damaged DNA. There is also embedded some deep healing delta waves within the track.

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????‍♂️ ABOUT US:
We are passionate about serving you as a listener with our own composed healing and sleep spells. All tracks are contrived with pure passion and love. With our background in both meditation and healing music creations for sleep and deep relaxation we hope we can serve you as a listener some of the most authentic music in the whole universe. All the tracks you'll find here is composed by 8FINITY ANGEL - SLEEP SPELLS. We are composers that spend our time creating magic, so the quality of the music will be impeccable and filled to the brim with love and oneness. Our goal is to create a big and loving community where everyone is welcome. We believe in the power of oneness.

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