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Google's New Chromecast Ultra - Leak Details And Impressions!

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Google's New Chromecast Ultra - Leak Details And Impressions!

It's a Chromecast Ultra, or is it? Really, this is a whole new class of streaming device from Google and I'm very interested to see it come out. It's code-named Sabrina and Google has done a lot of work to get it to this point with very little details being leaked out.

The fact is, this new #streaming dongle from #Google is going to be branded the Google Nest TV, and I even feel like Android TV is getting a re-branding to Google TV. It's possible this is a whole new interface type, and although some of the older Android TV boxes should get an update to this new interface, their status is a bit in jeopardy.

The old Google Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra are going to be impacted too, as the new device comes out and replaces the Chromecast Ultra. I am betting on a re-naming of the existing Chromecast to the Google Nest Cast, and possible an option to use the new remote with it.

And that's another thing, there's a remote coming with the Google Assistant button on board and it looks like that will be Bluetooth. It will connect to the new Google Nest TV streaming device and we'll see those work together in what will be the first non-smartphone controlled casting device directly from Google.

Finally, the new streaming device from Google will come in black, white, and a soft pink. Probably called Almost Pink, if my memory serves me. It'll also be in the $80 USD price range, so more pricey than its competitors over at Amazon, but less expensive than the closest NVidia Shield.

Here's some of the great work XDA-Developers has done with this product:

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