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GET OUT: Every Creepy Little Detail Hidden In The Movie

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INSANE Hidden Details In GET OUT That Make It One Of The BEST Horrors Ever. We review, analyze, breakdown and point out the hidden easter eggs in #GetOut by #JordanPeele #Movies

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Get Out Plot Recap

Ok so If you haven’t seen the film and are watching this video for whatever reason I’ll give you a quick overview of Get Out.

We follow Chris, a young photographer who goes to visit his girlfriend Rose Armitage’s family with her. Upon arriving strange things begin to happen and he unearths that the Armitages have developed a procedure in which they can transfer the minds of people into shell bodies. Chris is their next target and he is auctioned off to the highest bidder and hypnotised into being submissive. However he manages to escape before the procedure happens and kills the family before they can enact their plan.

That’s a brief overview but just to get you up to speed before the breakdown.

Get Out Opening Scene Easter Eggs

Now the movie opens with Andre Hayworth walking through a suburban area at night whilst he’s on the phone to his girlfriend.

Andre becomes a prominent figure later in the film and we learn that he was actually subjected to the same procedure that Chris narrowly escapes from.

A car drives by him and it begins to intimidate him before abducting him. Now there are a couple of things to take from this scene, firstly Rose is clearly on the phone to him and this is how the car is able to track him.

The person says stay put, we’ll come and get you to which Andre replies with ‘theres no need’

He gives his location and then they show up.

Andre got lost looking for Peacock avenue and it is likely that these directions were fake.

Peacocking is a term that is often used to for a male to attract a mate but here it could be twisted round to be Rose attracting Andre to this spot so that Jeremy can abduct him.

Another interesting aspect is that the car Jeremy drives in is White on the outside and black on the inside. This of course is a nod to the fact that black people are later sent to the sunken place whilst a white person inhabits their shell.

From here we cut to the title scene which has blue writing over the top of a forest which is intentionally meant to be a nod to the Shining which is one of Peele’s favourite films…and mine too.

After the brief credits sequence we can hear the song redbone by childish gambino. Not only is it a banger it also has some elements of the song that play out here which foreshadow the rest of the film.

The chorus in the song later changes up to contain the following:

But stay woke (stay woke) – As in don’t go to sleep Chris.

They gon’ find you (they gon’ find you) Gon’ catch you sleepin’ – as in don’t go to sleep Chris I’m telling you.

And the chorus ends with Now don’t you close your eyes – again highlighting this point.

As we tour his apartment we can see a white child wearing a dark mask and peering out from behind it. This once more is a reference to the white people wearing black people as a mask.

Upon Rose arriving there we can see a chain that looks slightly like an unlocked slave handcuff and though I may be reading into this I think it highlights that Chris eventually ends up free from the family after almost becoming their slave.

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