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Gair Movie | गैर पिक्चर अजय देवगन, रवीना टंडन, अमरीश पूरी, परेश रावल | Bollywood Action Drama Movie

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Movie: Gair Hindi Action Movies
Starring: Ajay Devgn, Raveena Tandon, Reena Roy, Amrish Puri Paresh Rawal Others
Director: Ashok Gaikwad
Producer: Harish Sapkale, Prakash Patil
Music: Anand Milind
Story : Rajeev Kaul, Praful Parekh
Written : Santosh Saroj (dialogues)
Cinematography Anwar Siraj
Edited : Waman Bhonsle, Gurudutt Shirali
Label : DRJ Records

An abandoned child raised by a wealthy family takes over the family business. He is resented by their natural son who, fueled by a bitter uncle, tries his best to make him lose face.

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