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Eminem Raps About M&Ms (One Take Music Video)

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I always wondered what it would sound like if Eminem rapped about M&Ms. So I did it. And in ONE TAKE! I had so much fun making this. What else should I make a song about? Wiz Khalifa rapping about Cheese Whiz?! Haha wow. Quarantine. PS - no candy was hurt in the making of this video.

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I ain’t 50 cent but I take you to the candy shop
Don’t want gummies in my tummy or no effing lollipops
Cause Eminem give you M&Ms so ur teeth start to rot
I give you cavities through my lyrics right through your AirPods

So, tell me what you want? Dark or milk chocolate
Pretzels, peanuts in my pocket, so just chill cause I got it
Taste so poppin, leave you shocked, like you put your tongue in a socket
You see these legs? These cartoon bods be rocking!

Even when you turn me upside down, I get that W, man I win
magician with the sound, imma magic mike it, just like channing did
These kids want me, so when they trick or treat, you bess drop me in the bag
Cause the rest not me, ain't half as sweet, I'm it and I ain't playing tag and…

Snickers in the dollar store, you still too overpriced
Maybe kids would holler more, if the word NOUGAT sounded nice
You aint right, you a clown, prove it so you know its true
It's right there in your name, everyone laughs at you

Twizzlers, don’t get is twisted
You bitter, citric acid is one ingredient listed
Listen, If I wanted plastic tubes, I’d eat straws for fun
I mean for breakfast or for lunch,
You might be kiss Kross but you ain’t making anybody jump

I get so sick of Twix after two and half bites
Even Zac and Cody, didn’t want you in their suite life
Left and right, in a fight, you both dumb, it takes two
You’re a twin pack, Im a bite size, still got more bars than you
Cause I melt in your mouth not in your hand
I’m an explosion of taste, like god damn
the candy man, I’m the perfect snack
At least thats what your girl said
When she had one pack

Am I getting cocky?
My mouth taste chalky
Musta had a Kit Kat
I prefer doggies
The most whack cat, including the movie
Where T-Swift is a cat with boobies

His palms are sticky, mouth full, bites are tasty
There’s chocolate on his face already, his heart is racing
He’s calm but inside his veins, yeah that sugar is raging
He starts pacing, theres candy all over the place and….

I’m so so bad for your teeth but so so good with the taste
Better give me half of what that fairy leaves right under your case
Dentists hate me, thats okay cause I hate them too
Had a loose tooth as a kid, he drilled it a bit, and thats the first time that I got screwed

I'm candy, Im chocolate, I'm both
They chewy, they fruity, they gross
And If you don’t like me shoulda got something else instead
Like machine gun Kelly if you wanted an airhead

You can put me in a blizzard, a flurry, my whole is life a storm, that’s normal
A rap god, I'm part of your Sundae, but no church cause thats too formal
I come in the itty bitty minis or the big king size,
At the theatre falling through your thighs,
Like surprise! the perfect gift on Christmas
With the red, green, red, green on your wishlist.
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