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Doom Eternal - Ultra Nightmare PC

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Controller player beating Ultra Nightmare with mouse and keyboard

Normally I wouldn't upload this kind of video as I wasn't using a controller, but it's somewhat of a personal achievement for me to learn how to play doom on a M&K at a high enough level to beat UN. Now that it's done, i'll be switching back to controller for future videos. + Apparently my PC struggles to both play and record specifically at the super gore nest part of the video so it's better off I stick to console :/

If anyone's interested in my learning process for mouse and keyboard, here's what I did every day for a week straight:
- Aim booster (online cursor accuracy test) - 30 minutes
- Aim Lab (Steam app) - 1 hour
- Quake Champions, Apex Legends or any game with advanced movement mechanics (Steam game) 1-2 hours

The week after consisted of Nightmare runs until I was competent enough to attempt Ultra Nightmare

Sens: 2
Scaling: 40/40
DPI: 400
FOV: 110
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