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Doom Eternal - 100% Ultra-Nightmare in 2:59:18 [4K/60FPS]

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Of course I had to do a 100% run as well.

2:59:18 is an estimate of IGT (In-Game Time), Real Time (RTA) is roughly 3:01:08 where time starts from when I gain control (0:33) and ends when IoS death cutscene begins (3:01:41). Obviously since IGT is the standard people use and it's sub 3 hours I'll go with that ;)

100% means all weapons upgraded, obtain all sentinel crystals, tokens and collectibles, unlock everything in the fortress, get all codexes and get all weapon points. This should leave you with 8 weapon points, 15 tokens and 4 batteries and no ??? in the codex at the end, which I confirm after the IoS. No intentional use of any major glitches and mastery tokens used to are used for weapon mastery.

Graphics settings are set to max/ultra nightmare, FOV is 115.

Time start of levels:
Hell on Earth: 0:00:31
Exultia: 0:09:34
Cultist Base: 0:26:08
DOOM Hunter Base: 0:47:10
Super Gore Nest: 1:00:15
Arc Complex: 1:16:19
Mars Core: 1:38:23
Sentinel Prime: 1:52:13
Taras Nabad: 1:56:58
Nekravol – Part I: 2:19:38
Nekravol – Part II: 2:29:08
Urdak: 2:37:41
Final Sin: 2:51:24

Time start of slayer gates:
Slayer Gate 1: 0:20:03
Slayer Gate 2: 0:42:09
Slayer Gate 3: 1:12:27
Slayer Gate 4: 1:21:42
Slayer Gate 5: 1:48:40
Slayer Gate 6: 2:03:58

I've written a lengthy text of misc details in a pastebin to answer commonly asked questions and give some insight on the routing, weapon choices etc. found here:

Took more than 1 attempt this time, wasted one attempt on Taras Nabad because I couldn't manage to stagger the pain elementals. I stagger them with a ballista+SSG+ballista combo, but my SSG was too far away to deal sufficient damage, and apparently if you try to stagger them with the heavy rifle they just die instead. Also lost a run on parhaps the easiest level, Urdak, where I went from 200/150 to 0 in about 2 seconds in the arena fight with the totem (though the totem was destroyed). Several attempts died on the first 4 levels as well of course, but I'm happy I didn't lose to many past Doom Hunter Base.

I'm sure there's lots of time to be saved (especially since this is my only my first succesful run), the game is just over a month old and this is a 3 hour run, so needless to say there are probably a lot of details that can be improved on. Not to mention I don't play perfectly either, but overall I feel this was decent. A few slow places, but not some massive time waste like I had on my any% UNM with the doom hunter bosses.

The first 4 levels are the hardest, once I get past those I feel like it's all in my hands. Slayer gate difficulty rating, easiest to hardest: 3-2=5-6-4----1

Last video I credited KingDime for the rocket lock on strategy for the marauder, however further improvement (more like perfection) of it was discovered by Keaton, which can be seen at 2:08:35.

Misc comments:
- I had some massive jump boost a couple of times by accident, at the end of mars core and somewhere in the middle of taras nabad.
- I had trouble reaching the slayer gate key on mars core for some reason, just couldn't grab the ledge (1:48:00), thought the run was over there for a moment.
- My grenade launcher wouldn't fire in slayer gate 6 for a while (2:05:18 you can see my grenade recharge and then go away without me firing it), so that distracted me quite a bit.
- Sometimes I still need moments to think about what upgrades I'm actually getting on the sentinel crystals, lol.
- Also completely forgot about the cells on Taras Nabad after the crash, though they aren't really that useful, probably should have used it on the tyrant had I picked it up.

My IGT timing isn't very accurate, if I take the time to the second for the start/end of the loading screens I get 153 seconds, which does not count 49 seconds lost on the crash and a 26 second break I took outside the loading screen at the end of cultist base. I also added 10 seconds to make up for potentinal error in my favour for not counting milliseconds, so I get a time of 2:59:18, without the crash and the break at the end of cultist base it's 2:58:03 or so. Basically I don't have an exact timing and I don't care, this is easily sub 3 hours if you don't count the load times or breaks and the crash I had, so I reached my goal and it's good enough for me, time is easily improveable regardless of what timing is used. The crash was caused by the BFG, which is actually quite common.

I have one more thing I'd like to do for a full run of eternal, it's not a speedrun but a challenge run that I'm keeping secret for now, it's probably going to take quite a while before I'll be able to pull it off though, if ever :)

Thanks for watching!
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