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Dark | Horror | Scary - Free Royalty Free Music - 'Evil Spirits'

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Dark, horror, raised goosebumps. Free royalty free music that is sinister in nature. Feel like you are being chased. Here's a piece too early but could be used as Halloween music. Mysterious. Jaws like but more sinister and evil. Think Hitchcock.

Best part its free. Yes free. Please support me by sharing with others and subscribe. Also if possible support me by donating on my website or on Patreon. I am planning to work on a new website so downloads and listening to music won't be such a pain and I need some funds to get that done. Any contribution would be greatly appreciated.

Also available are version A and B if you need shorter edits to be used as intro music or some would call them montage music.
Version A : 8 seconds

Version B : 10 seconds

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Download this free royalty free music track here:


You have my permission to use my free royalty free music in your YouTube videos. You can use my royalty free music 'worry free' knowing you are getting permission from the owner of the track itself. You can monetized your videos with my music. These tracks belong to me only. I do not curate royalty free music from others. You can use my music but you cannot claim copyright to them. You cannot resell them on Amazon, etc or claim copyright in any form. You may use them with your videos, film, games etc.

For more details, read the About Me page.
Here's where to find free royalty free music for YouTube videos and more:

If you are looking for variety, you've come to the right place. I have over 20 years experience composing basically any music style due to my background in jingle production. My work has been used mainly in advertising. My music has been used by corporate giants such as Dominos, Clear Channel, Vodafone, Siemens, Hilton and more.

Here's how to credit:
•••••••••••• Music By •••••••••••••
'Song Title (s)''
Jay Man - OurMusicBox

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~ Jay Man

Credits: Images licensed under creative common.
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