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DAILY TWITCH CLIPS TO HELP YOU SMILE | Simply explains why he doesn't wear a shirt

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Daily Twitch clips. No drama.

0:00 simply - answers a viewer that asked 'why do you stream shirtless?'
0:15 lirik - great timing losing his first speed run
0:27 lirik - watches the rocket landing. the landing looked smooth, but it didnt make it.
1:08 nmplol - PepePls
1:34 whippy - dundee with the wicked car chase
2:28 supertf - meets a relative in a random overwatch game
3:17 mizkif - PepeLaugh
4:03 thegingermagician - ctrl is not crouch
4:21 badintellect - hits the trick shot
4:32 lirik - gets a god nether seed
4:57 hasanabi - thinks will was talking about him. turned out he was right lulw
5:45 nmplol - nick looks around for who asked
6:28 thestockguy - PepoG
7:06 maya - falcon hits the bullseye
7:41 knut - takes a winter swim

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