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Daily life aviary clips: Walter and Gelert, and bats in a bucket

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Mandi's aviary, daily life clips:
** Walter and Gelert make an appearance, just lounging out in the sun, snoozing and whiling away the day.
** There is a little tour of the new aviary during feeding one night.
** And Jackson has his head in a bucket, and I think Diva does a photobomb.

Thanks Mandi for the footage of life in your aviary. You have a gift for capturing the action.

Here's a little of the old bat Walter's story:
As many of you will know, Walter is around 28 and is in end stage Congestive Heart Failure. He's on medication and oxygen at night, but his time is limited.

Walter spent his life as an exhibit animal in a wildlife park. He got too old to hang up all day and kept falling, badly damaging his nail beds and splintering bone tips.
The Zoo Vets gave two options - euthanise or retire. We were very lucky he was retired to us. His injuries were treated and pain managed and he bounced back to health. Here he is able to receive the care he requires as he is treated like an individual - it’s difficult to manage that in a Zoo when he’s just one animal in one exhibit of many others.
He came here without any individual history so we had to do a bit of detective work to figure out his age. For that reason we don’t know his true age but best estimate is he was born in 1993 which makes him around 27. This is based on information from long term carers who recall when he was at the Zoo, and veterinary assessment on tooth wear, fur condition, xrays of his bones. However even this is sketchy as he could have gone into the Zoo as an adult which makes him older than 27. Similarly, if he had an underlying medical condition he may now appear older than he actually is; for example, we know his companion Gelert was born in 2007 as he came into care as a baby. As a youngster he had bone density issues so on X-ray and presentation he appears much older but is only 13yrs old.
All we are concerned with for all the bats in permanent care is they are happy, fed well, free from pain and stress and can exhibit normal bat behaviours. All this Walter does with flair.
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