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Comparing FREESTYLES & CLIPS at EVERY RANK in Rocket League 3

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Comparing FREESTYLES & CLIPS at EVERY RANK in Rocket League 3

We are back again with yet another comparing freestyles and clips progression montage/video. I love making these videos and seeing the best and most insane clips the community has at every rank, and you guys seem to enjoy them as well. Anyway, I gathered the BEST clips and freestyles I could find at every rank (including some funny ones) so you guys can watch the cool progression of how freestyling and clips evolves across the ranks in Rocket League.

Also, I just set the goal as part of the new year to reach 100,000 subscribers. If you want to be apart and help out, please consider subscribing, it would mean a lot to me and allow you to keep up with my latest uploads.

Other than that, hope you enjoyed and to those whose freestyles made it, congrats!!

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0:00 Intro
0:43 Bronze & Silver
1:13 Gold
2:00 Platinum
3:36 Diamond
5:05 Champ
6:32 Grand Champ & SSL
7:48 Outro

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