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COMMANDER SHEPARD'S BACK!|Mass Effect 1 PC Legendary Edition Paragon Vanguard Gameplay Part 1

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Welcome to this narrative roleplay series for Mass Effect Legendary Edition. We're beginning with Commander John Shepard as a paragon oriented vanguard biotic. Through this journey, we'll learn more about him and he'll be shaped by the events in Mass Effect. Your thoughtful, insightful comments can also alter the course of the game itself.


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About SurrealBeliefs:
Hi everyone, my name is Matt or you may know me by SurrealBeliefs or Surreal! I've been around for a while playing games like Total War and Mount and Blade. I've begin diving into roleplaying, narrative games, which is perfect if you enjoy a calm, thorough walkthrough of an RPG.

I create video series that immerses you into the worlds that I get to play in through storytelling, roleplay and sometimes recaps of notable events. All of this is to help you enjoy and appreciate the rich lore and history within the game. I hope you stick around and check out my series!

0:00 Intro
1:44 The Normandy
18:41 To Eden Prime
19:53 The New Soldier
26:47 The Mission Continues
30:59 Survivors
34:46 Saren and Farmers
40:17 Nihlus and Cole
45:01 Disarming Charges
51:31 The Beacon

COMMANDER SHEPARD|Mass Effect 1 Legendary Edition Paragon Vanguard Gameplay|SurrealBeliefs #1

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