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CENTURY: AGE OF ASHES ???? 2021 BETA - A Warrior's Dragon Part 1 (Gameplay, First Impressions)

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03/12/2021 - Time to check out this fresh Dragon-Riding MOBA with the 3 different classes available (most likely using Marauder & Wind) and jump into the arena of survival!

Century: Age of Ashes is being developed by Playwing LTD as a Free to Play Multiplayer Dragon Battle game on Steam. This game seems full of fast paced action experiences and enough customization to really set you apart from the competition. 3 Different Modes known as Carnage, Survival, & Gates of Fire. Battle it out across 3 different maps in these various instances against the enemy team. The game features a fully cosmetic cash shop although I have heard that they may have a Battle-Pass & will have founder packs in the future.

But the developers have stated that it shouldn't be anything that effects the gameplay. Will this game have what it takes to set itself apart in a saturated market? Let's find out!

As always, diving into the big topic of the "Upcoming Century: Age Of Ashes" and how it seeks to innovate on the genre. Maybe even fulfill a need that widely acclaimed mobas currently cannot?

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Century: Age of Ashes is a free-to-play multiplayer dragon battle game. Master a growing roster of classes and dragons, compete in intense arena battles and rule the skies in fast-paced aerial combats.

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