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Canadian Prepper Enters Precious Metal Stacking World! | 50g Gold Card & My Response To The Offended

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Video Upload 1421 (Season 4, Episode 306): Don't You Dare Stop Smiling! Today I watched Canadian Prepper’s “I Bought a REAL Gold Card! Combibar for Bug Out Barter” video and I thought he made some great points. My favorite part was him explaining how you can’t really “buy” or “purchase” silver or gold coins, Rounds, or Bars since they are money. He believes easy to hide gold would be good for barter and trade if anything bad were to happen. However HE MUST PREPARE FOR THE INTERNET KEYBOARD WARRIORS who are offended by his financial decision. Is he right or is he wrong? Does he make good points in his video? Is Precious Metal Stacking a Waste Of time energy and effort? Is the fact that you can’t eat is a reason to avoid it? Let’s talk about it.

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