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Boom Beach New Update Details - Supercell ID improvements!

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Supercell snuck out a New Boom Beach Update overnight without a lot of fanfare. We dig into what it does and there is at least one great QoL update included (assume you're in the right region).

► Boom Beach Supercell ID has lagged behind other games so this is a nice little change.

Boom Beach SCID can now have nicknames added and shows which TF you're in (it showed that before I think?).

New Update for Boom Beach do not include change details in the App/Play store which is frustrating! Nice to see boom beach new updates still coming out somewhat

Boom Beach Warships Season 16: To the Skies is here and it brought all kinds of Bombardiers! We'll make a combo out of the two fastest boom beach warships new troops! Rocket Choppas Boom Beach are so fast! Adding seekers boom beach to make some nice HUGE wins! ????

Pushing into the higher boom beach warships gold tier and moving away from our boom beach 2 ER base.

► Boom Beach Tech Tree is so critical in the early season

We'll get our first few chests, lay out an early season strategy and make sure that everyone checks the store for some free goodies!

► Really hoping that Supercell would have featured the Boom Beach Admirals Key this season to get low level HQ players digging things!

Make sure you throw 'ZMOT' in your boom beach creator code to support more giveaways.

► Abreviated 22 day season! Don't forget to throw a ???? in your TF notes!

Boom Beach season 15 Warships is OVER and Boom Beach War ships season 16 is ready to start! Bombs Away on Boom Beach is gone. Boom Beach Mega crab back to back with Boom Beach Warship is crazy. Too much intel!

► Boom Beach season 16 has a name! woo! To The Skies!

Hope you're going to enjoy warship season 16 and you start rushing to get Boom Beach Warships 3 Engine Room Bases soon!

► Instant training isn't a must, your troops can live! Just retreat and live to fight another day. Boom Beach Heavy rush is always a (slow) option.

Can't stress it enough, stay away from anything boom beach hack related. Lots of them published right now, none are real! boom beach hack apk 2020, boom beach mod apk 2020, boom beach mod apk, boom beach hack,boom beach hack apk, boom beach hack 2020 are all bs that want to steal your account and get you banned!

#season16 #boombeach #warships

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If you need a Boom Beach Task force check the list below!

**TF List:**

???? Triangle Nine ???? 25 man (MA)

???? Deca Nine ???? 10 man (DE)

???? SevenEight Nine ???? 10 man (FT)

???? Baby Nine????25 man (CC-DC)

???? Delta Nine ???? 25 man (CP/CC)

???? Junior Nine ???? 25 man(FT/SH)

???? Infant Nine ????25 man(Sour grapes)

⭐️ Novice Nine ???? 25 man (Mambo)

✌ zmoT (anon moose) from boom beach season 15 warships
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